The Project NOLA non-profit crime camera system is highly proven and extremely successful, while actively protecting individual privacy. Should you already have private video surveillance cameras facing a public thoroughfare, simply call us at (504) 736-9187 to see if we may be able to link them into our non-profit crime camera system.  Should you not already have a camera(s), you can purchase compatible HD cameras from the vendor of your choosing.  Optionally, you are very welcome to call (504) 736-9187 or visit to get official Project NOLA HD crime camera kits, at HIGHLY DISCOUNTED PRICES, by taking advantage of’s special corporate match donations.  You may view and record your crime camera, and we record your crime camera’s Internet feed free of charge.  When someone calls 911 regarding an emergency in an area that Project NOLA HD crime cameras may be able to assist with, Project NOLA works to provide real-time information to responding NOPD units and detectives.
Designed by criminologist and former NOPD police officer, Bryan Lagarde, to help decrease crime by dramatically increasing the efficiency of the New Orleans ProjectNolaControlRoomPolice Department, the Project NOLA non-profit crime camera system was introduced in 2010 and frequently provides vital real-time situational awareness to police officers and detectives responding to major crimes and dangerous situations.  A 501(c)3 operational foundation self-funded by Lagarde’s digital surveillance design and wholesale company,, Project NOLA was created without the aid of tax money or federal grants and is the world's most cost efficient city-wide crime camera system.  Now featuring over 1300 High Definition day/night IR cameras, the Project NOLA crime camera system has become the largest networked HD city-wide crime camera system in America.  Given the many major criminal cases Project NOLA has helped close via arrest and warrant, it’s crime camera system is believed to be the most successful city-wide crime camera system in America.  During a 30 day period in the Fall of 2013, Project NOLA's crime camera system assisted NOPD Homicide detectives with about 66% of their new cases, some of which will be highlighted during A&E's 2014 season of "The First 48" homicide investigations documentary TV program.
Project NOLA in New Orleans:
As a free service to the people of New Orleans, Project NOLA actively seeks local residents, property and business owners who may wish to participate by either hosting a Project NOLA HD crime camera or allowing Project NOLA access to existing outdoor cameras.  For those who do not already have surveillance cameras, 34s-sample1 may provide official Project NOLA self-install HD crime camera kits for only $346, which includes the HD crime camera, POE injector, cable, and much more.  Optionally, crime camera kits may be professionally installed for only $150.  Crime cameras are placed on private property, pointed towards a public thoroughfare or park, and connect to the host’s broadband Internet connection to transmit a video feed to the Project NOLA control room.
Often recording over 27x higher resolution than typical surveillance systems, those who host aProject NOLA HD crime camera may view and record their camera’s feed via compatible
smart phones, iPads, tablets, and PCs.  Free of charge, Project NOLA records the Internet video feed from each crime camera.  From it’s control center, Project NOLA monitors NOPD police dispatches and has direct access to the NOPD command desk.  When a citizen calls 911 to report trouble, Project NOLA may begin viewing nearby crime cameras in effort to provide responding NOPD units


with real-time supplemental information.  Should the emergency warrant a police detective, Project NOLA often transmits footage to responding detectives before they even have time to arrive at the crime scene.  NOPD detectives also frequently request Project NOLA’s assistance when following up on leads involving major crimes that crime cameras may provide vital information on.
Project NOLA works extensively with property and business owners, churches and schools, civic groups, special improvement taxation districts, and governmental entities, and appreciates the opportunity to speak at meetings.  In some neighborhoods where additional grant or supplemental money may be applied, official Project NOLA crime camera kits may be provided free of charge or at even lower discounted pricing,  and/or professional install may be provided free of charge.
Designed by citizens to help protect citizens, funded and managed by a non-profit, and developed with a keen concern on public privacy, the Project NOLA crime camera system only maintains recorded video footage for about 10 days before being overwritten. Only three Project NOLA staff members have access to the protected system, and each staffer has signed a nondisclosure agreement.  Video feeds are not actively watched unless the Project NOLA staff is assisting with an emergency, which normally result from a citizen calling 911 regarding a situation that nearby crime cameras may assist with.  Video footage ma45-samplepic1y only be provided to law enforcement as a result of a crime or dangerous situation, and law enforcement requests for video footage are logged with an accompanying police item number and signal code.
Should you have any questions, wish to bring Project NOLA to your area, or want to get a crime camera, please call us at (504) 736-9187.  We look forward to assisting you!