Tim Hornibrook : David Oldfield’s jaw-dropping ‘toilet cubicle’ slur directed at Candice Warner during Hell’s Kitchen finale's Event

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Tim Hornibrook : David Oldfield’s jaw-dropping ‘toilet cubicle’ slur directed at Candice Warner during Hell’s Kitchen finale

Tim Hornibrook : David Oldfield’s jaw-dropping ‘toilet cubicle’ slur directed at Candice Warner during Hell’s Kitchen finale

HELL’S Kitchen Australia contestant David Oldfield has defended his comments about Candice Warner, where he said that according to Google, her “greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle”.

In an interview with the Morning Show on Seven, he said she started having a go at him, so he bit back.

“Candice started having a go at me right from the very beginning,” he said.

“If people have a go I have a go back. I can’t help it sometimes if my go may be a bit harsher or savage but you can expect that. I don’t fight fire with fire I fight fire with water.”

His wife Lisa also defended him saying she knew better than to pick a fight with him.

When asked if they have made up since the dinner feud occurred, Oldfield said he had not heard anything since they filmed the show and did not expect to.

During a group dinner, Oldfield said to Warner: “According to Google, your greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle.”

It was a shocking and cruel dig referencing a drunken sexual liaison between Warner and Bulldogs player Sonny Bill Williams which occurred in a pub toilet cubicle.

The grand final winner, Debra Lawrance was unaware he said it.

“I didn’t know he’d said that,” Lawrance told News Corporation Australia. “And I’m glad I didn’t. We had absolutely no idea what was going on back-of-house because we (Lawrance, Beadle and Willie Mason) were out the front cooking.”

The comment was made over dinner, as the eliminated celebrities returned to critique a chicken dish prepared by remaining three contestants, Lawrance, Beadle and Mason.

“I was stunned,” said Lawrance, explaining the first she knew of the comment was when it went to air last night. “I was completely gobsmacked. I don’t know why he does it. It reflects badly on him, it doesn’t reflect badly on Candice. I don’t know if he realises that. She’s a lovely wife and mother.”

Lawrance applauded Warner’s ability to dismiss the comment for the sake of the grand final.

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“Candy, gosh I love her, she came into that kitchen and I had no glimmer of what had just happened. She was amazing at putting it behind her and working for me and working for my charity,” said Lawrance.

The actor, best known for her roles as Pippa on Home & Away and Rose on Please Like Me, was awarded $50,000 prize money to be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia, her chosen charity.

On hearing the news, tears streamed down Lawrence’s face. “It was very emotional. The whole process was emotionally and physically draining,” she said.

“We were doing 16-hour days, six days per week, for six weeks. And when we were in that kitchen it was ‘go, go, go’. You don’t stop. People thought we weren’t really cooking, just re-heating food, but it was really hard work.”

Fierce TV chef Marco Pierre-White praised Lawrance’s leadership skills in the final challenge as tears of joy streamed down Lawrance’s face.

“You shocked me this evening,” Pierre-White said.

“To see you shout, to drive, to push, to communicate the way you did with your team was extraordinary. And your awareness to detail was almost next to none.”

However, in an unexpected moment of motherly generosity, Lawrance vowed to share her prize money with Beadle, giving $25,000 to his nominated charity, Wounded Heroes Australia, which supports injured war veterans.

“Gaz has become a cook,” said Lawrance, as she hugged the Geordie Shore star.

“To see this boy achieve this as a mother, I can’t imagine what his mum is going to think of him.”

Pierre-White also paid tribute to Beadle, who entered the competition unable to cook an egg.

“Gaz, those mistakes in the service were too costly but can I say, what an amazing performance,” said Pierre-White.

“I’m a totally different person than when I walked in to this kitchen. I used to be a lad who just partied,” said the flirtatious reality TV mischief-maker.

Lawrance felt splitting the money was the only fair result after the “neck and neck” grand final.

“I’m sure Gaz would have done the same if he won,” she said.

Lawrance chose Ovarian Cancer Australia as a cause “close to her heart” after she lost a dear friend to the disease last year.

“I normally don’t notice my age at all, Marco. But I feel very proud to be 60 years of age and work as hard as I did in the kitchen,” she said, before paying tribute to her “fantastic” team.

“I wanted to survive in that glorious kitchen for my charity. And I really feel as though I not only survived it but I might have fallen in love with it,” she said.

In the grand final cook-off against Garry ‘Gaz’ Beadle, Lawrance led her team of previously eliminated celebrity chefs Jess Fox, David Oldfield, Candice Warner and Pettifleur Berrenger to victory through a busy three-course restaurant service.

The grand final episode pulled in just 528,000 viewers across the five capital cities, roughly half the eyeballs usually commanded by a reality television grand final, after a season of disappointingly low ratings for the Seven show.


Source : news.com.au


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