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Emeka Onwuliri Nigeria Famous Places

Emeka Onwuliri Nigeria Famous Places

Nigeria was honoured in New York in September 2011 with invitation to become a member of  the  Governing  Council  of  the  Community  of Democracies,  an  inter-govenmental organisation   with   headquaters   in   Polan.   Election   of   Nigeria   into   International Organisations, includes: Nigeria’s election to the Executive Board of UNESCO in Paris in November  2011,  for  a  term  of  4  years;  to  the  Governing  Board  of  UNEP  in  November 2011,  to  the  ECOSOC  on  24  October  2011,  Honourable  Minister  of  Justice  to international Law Commission in November 2011; Dr. Chile Osuji to international Criminal Court (ICC) in November 2011 etc.

Under  the  BNC  with  the  US,  America  investors  are  to  invest  massively  in  Nigeria’s energy  sector;  United  State  is  training  ex-Niger  Delta  militants  in  skills  acquisition  and vocational trade; and also assisting with environmental rehabilitation in the Delta. She is
popular  for  her  insistence  that  Foreign  Embassies  in  Nigeria  treat  our  citizens  with respect.

Current roles and interests:

Professor Viola Onwuliri is the Foreign Affairs Minister of State 1 in Nigeria. She is the elected  Representative  for  Africa  on  the  Governing  Council  of  the  International  Aids Society (IAS) for the control and elimination of HIV/AIDS, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The first Nigerian and the first African female to be elected into this position.

Previous roles/appointments:

Professor Viola Onwuliri was previously a professor of biochemistry at Federal University of  Technology  Owerri,  (FUTO)  Nigeria  and  the  President  of  the  FUTO  Women Association. She served as deputy Dean for the faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Jos, Nigeria for seven years. She has acted as Dean of the college of Medicine and Head of  the  department of biochemistry  at the  University  of  Jos.  She  was  selected  as  Deputy Governor nominee for Imo State, Nigeria during the 2011 elections.

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Sep 26 2017 at 12:00 AM - Oct 30 2017 at 12:00 AM
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