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Mobility Scooters Allows Elderly or Disabled to Travel Independently Without Much Efforts

Mobility Scooters Allows Elderly or Disabled to Travel Independently Without Much Efforts

It is not easy for the elderly or the disabled to lead their life without depending on others. But to make things simple for them and lead a quality and independent lifestyle there are now many homecare and clinical furniture available to minimize their dependency on others and take care of themselves. These products like toilet aids, walkers, grab rails, wheel chairs, patient lifters, sleeping aids etc offer great comfort to some extent to the people who need support in life. The mobility scooters are very much handy to those who would like to move around in their community or access the shopping malls on their own. This battery driven vehicle with four wheels is light weight and compact that can be handled by anyone without any problem and is of great use for the elders or the disabled to easily control the vehicle and move around safely without depending on others. There are different models in the mobility scooters and basically every model is designed and developed to offer convenient traveling with enhanced stability on all types of terrains. It can also be easily carried to anyplace in the car or the public transport disassembled into four or five easy to handle pieces and can assemble it once again wherever you need the vehicle for travelling. The mobility scooters come with best comfort and safety features that comes with a weight capacity of 135 kgs with a top speed of 4.25 km per hour and can travel up to the range of 14 to 15 km for one full charge. You can go through the models in mobility scooters and the features before actually selecting one for your use.

The adjustable beds are also of great use for those who are bed ridden both temporarily or permanently offering superior comfort and care for the patients. This bed which can be operated electrically also relieves the work load who are caring for the users as they can now simply operate the controls to change the position of the bed patient without much efforts. The beds come in different models with low weight and easy handling features along with 4 section or 2 section lying surface that can be chosen based on your needs. You can find all these home care products for the needy online which are both available for sale or rental purpose based on your needs. They come in the best quality to enhance the lifestyle of the needy and make life more comfortable for them. provides adjustable beds online, Home care beds, Mobility scooters, Shoprider , Rollator, Mobility aids for the elderly & disabled in cape town. Check out our vast catalogue of products on our website.

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Oct 03 2017 at 12:00 AM - Dec 31 2027 at 12:00 AM
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