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Find Best Jumbo Digital Wall Clock From Baldr

Find Best Jumbo Digital Wall Clock From Baldr

Baldr is one company that brings you a range of smart devices on a single platform. They produce electronic products like digital clocks, weather stations, kitchen series, thermo- hygrometer and power management units in the best quality and precision that would be useful in your day to day life. These products surely enhance your experience of smart living. The products from Baldr come in the best designs and creativity that not only serve the purpose but also adds to the aesthetic looks of the surroundings. The jumbo digital wall clock is one product that is sought by many organisations that comes with a big and clear display of time that is viewable from a long distance. Moreover, this jumbo digital clock maintains atomic time with DST that means you are viewing the time with perfect accuracy that is in line with the government atomic clock time for perfect time display. The jumbo clock also displays calendar like the month, date and weekday along with indoor temperature and humidity. It comes with a display of both 12/24 hour for you to choose and shows the time along with seconds. The clock also features low battery indication and can be powered by using 3*AA battery. This jumbo digital wall clock is a wall hanging device only and can be best suitable for offices, schools, hospitals and other big and small organisations that follow time precisely.

Baldr also brings you LCD touch button indoor and outdoor thermos hygrometer to display humidity and temperature simultaneously. These hygrometers are very much useful for environmental research, food ripening and storage, breweries and fermentation, HVAC and many more applications where humidity levels matter a lot. The thermo hygrometers from Baldr can accurately provide readings of indoor temperature range between -9.9 to + 59.9 C and outdoor temperature readings ranging from -39.9 to +69.9C. You can also have an exact display of humidity range 20% to 95% with 1% resolution. The device can record max and min temperatures and humidity both indoor and outdoor along with comfort level indicator. The white black lit display offers best view and this device also comes with time display and also a low battery indicator. This device can also be used up to 3 remote sensors with a facility to switch channels. This can be used either table standing or wall hanging.

For more details about the products and customization you can consult the Baldr team to discuss and meet your specific requirements. All the products come in the best quality and price that are delivered on time by the company.


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BALDR Electronic is a diversified company specialize in household electronic products. We are offering thermo hygrometers and jumbo digital wall clock at affordable Price. To Get more wall clocks logon to our Website

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