Developed by criminologist Bryan Lagarde, ProjectNOLA enhances public safety by dramatically increasing police efficiency and citizen awareness. Managing the largest HD city-wide networked crime camera system in America, ProjectNOLA’s Incident Monitoring Center receives video from 1400 cameras placed on New Orleans homes and businesses.  Routinely providing real-time supplemental information and video footage to officers, ProjectNOLA has assisted with over 500 criminal investigations, including 50 homicides, and may be the most successful crime camera system in the United States given the large number of major investigations that ProjectNOLA has helped closed via arrest and warrant.


A citizen-based crime abatement initiative, ProjectNOLA was created without the benefit of Federal grant money or city tax dollars and is the most cost efficient city-wide crime camera system in the United States.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, private donations and corporate sponsorships are greatly appreciated… and necessary for our continued success!

Donations made to Project NOLA are tax deductible and will help us continue to combat crime in New Orleans, improving quality of life while also reducing the public’s exposure to taxes by helping to maintain a safe atmosphere for tourism. As we've learned how to make a small amount of funds stretch a long way, we welcome donations both large and small. Please help us continue by either donating online (see below) or by sending a check to Project NOLA, 1308 Dealers Ave., New Orleans, LA 70123.



 Please contact us at (504) 298-9117 should you wish to participate by hosting an HD crime camera or providing ProjectNOLA access to a private surveillance camera that views a public street. We also highly encourage those outside New Orleans to contact us should they wish to learn how to bring ProjectNOLA's success to their region, city or community!